Walney wind farms

Walney Wind Farm

Customer: DONG Energy

Project Date: 2004 – 2006, 2008 – 2012

NIRAS has been a part of the establishment of the Walney 1 and 2 wind farms. A process which has been undergoing since 2004. Travellers by sea are now able to enjoy the impressive sight of the gigantic wind farm outside the Coast of Walney Island in the Irish Sea. In April 2012 the last turbines at the Walney 2 delivered their first power only two years after the construction began.

Danish DONG Energy and its Scottish partner SSE are behind the establishment.

As a DONG Energy’s advisor NIRAS is consolidating the development and implementation of the entire project. NIRAS has been managing the preparation of Application for Agreement for Licence, micro siting, park layout and project development from the beginning of the project. During the development phase installation management and logistic planning was adopted including interface management and risk evaluation.

NIRAS has also conducted the consultancy related to design (mono piles and transformer station), geotechnical issues and metocean conditions. The survey included wave and sediment conditions and in this relation data management for turbines, substation and offshore cable routes.

During the construction phase site management at the Port of Barrow, design evaluations of quay walls, general supervision, offshore site management and monitoring during installation of scour protection and cables (inter array and transmission) were also conducted. Besides this NIRAS has been doing environmental management covering EIA support, environmental assessment of issues related to birds, marine mammals, fish and shellfish, benthos, terrestrial ecology and marine archaeology.

The wind farm will contribute significantly to reducing CO2 commission and securing even more clean electricity to The British Isles. The 102 3.6 MW wind turbines, which stand on the sea bed at depths of up to 25 meters, will be able to supply a total of 367 MW; enough energy to cover 320,000 households.

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