Northwind wind farm, Belgium

Wind Farm Belgium

NIRAS and the Danish company LIC Engineering A/S has teamed up to design a 216 MW offshore wind farm 40km off the coast of Belgium.

The Northwind wind farm consists of 72 offshore wind turbines and a transformer station in water depths up to 28 meters. The wind farm is scheduled for completion early 2013 and, with a capacity of 216 MW, it will be able to supply 120,000 households, which is equivalent to a reduction of 240,000 tons of CO2 per year.

NIRAS and LIC Engineering A/S are delivering detailed designs for all foundations for the wind turbines and for the transformer station. Amongst the technical challenges of the project is an unstable seabed that are characterised by ‘sandwaves’, which make it mobile. Hence it is important to stabilise the seabed by securing it with stone erosion protection.

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