Dredging and Reclamation

Dredging & Reclamation activities at Amager Beach Resort

The project consists of a new reclaimed artificial island, covering 33.8 hectares and approximately 2kms in length. The island is designed with wide beaches facing the open sea, dunes, a mooring harbour for day-trip vessels and areas for parking and service buildings. Five bridges provide access to the island. A dredged lagoon, located between the old shoreline and the island provides opportunities for water sports and protected, family friendly beaches.

The beach resort was developed by the Copenhagen municipality. It is centrally located within the city boundary and provides easy beach access for the city's population.

All materials dredged from the lagoon were reused for the reclamation of the island. The dredged material was mainly silty sand and clay, drained during excavation to prevent increased pore water and pressure in the soils. The beaches were made from medium to coarse sand dredged at the Krigers Flak borrow area, which is located approximately 55kms to the south of the project.

Some of the reclaimed area covers registered marine, archaelogical finds and therefore additional documentation was required in order to prove that the reclamation would not damage anything of archaelogical value.


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