Drones heading into battle against methane

Published: 09-02-2016

NIRAS is currently gaining experience from three of the first seven Danish pilot projects that control methane emissions from waste disposal sites. At the same time, NIRAS has also started a research project with the aim of simplifying the necessary measurements. The pilot projects are conducted under the Danish Bio-Cover scheme with state funding for controlling and mitigating methane emissions.

In the research project, NIRAS uses drones to examine the possibility of measuring methane emissions from waste disposal sites. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and 25 times worse than CO2 in terms of global warming. The use of drones takes place in close cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark, DTU.

"If we can conduct the necessary measurements of methane leakage from the air, it will streamline the screening work we do to identify which waste disposal sites and landfills are the biggest polluters," explains expertise Director, Anders G Christensen from NIRAS.

NIRAS has a full time PhD student working on the project, and collaborating with DTU to develop new measuring methods. Waste disposal sites and landfills can be difficult to access from the ground because of vegetation and steep slopes.

NIRAS already offers owners of waste disposal sites, dumps and landfills measurements of methane emissions, as well as help with all other aspects of the fight against the powerful greenhouse gas.

In Denmark, the control of methane from waste disposal sites and landfills is currently of particular interest to the owners. The Danish Bio-Cover scheme for the control of methane emissions is unique worldwide in providing funding for this. The scheme is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, and the funding is estimated to be sufficient for controlling and mitigating methane emissions from approximately 100 waste disposal sites and landfills in Denmark. 

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