Waste Water Management

Services throughout the project life cycle

Optimising economy and environmental impact

In recent years, environmental and wastewater legislation has been strengthened and harmonised in the European Union and in many other parts of the world. The stricter regulative framework has given rise to demands for safe and optimised conveyance of sewage and satisfactory treatment of wastewater from both private systems and schemes run by public utilities.

NIRAS believes in an integrated approach to wastewater management, addressing the issue from a broad perspective and encompassing factors such as storm water, wastewater drainage, treatment processes, effluent handling and the absorptive capacity of receiving waters.

NIRAS’ wastewater specialists have a broad educational and practical background. Our staff work in multidisciplinary teams consisting of engineers, biologists, economists, legal and institutional specialists as well as training, communication and capacity building specialists.

NIRAS’ clients comprise private enterprises and industries, water utility companies, municipalities, and international development assistance agencies.

Our services include:

  • Diagnostic, master plan and feasibility studies
  • Planning, design and supervision of sewerage systems and treatment plants
  • Modelling and chemical assessment of water quality
  • Modernisation and optimisation of treatment processes
  • Reuse of wastewater and storm water
  • Advance control and automation of sewer system and treatment plants
  • Analysis of sewer systems, sludge handling and disposal
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and consenting for projects
  • Capacity building, institutional development and financial management
  • Environmental legislation and regulative frameworks
  • Renewable energy and carbon footprint analysis
  • Automation and SCADA implementation
  • Biogas treatment plants
  • Integrated management system, HOMIS
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