Urban Water Supply

Services throughout the project life cycle

Distributing water efficiently and fairly

Water consumers today expect the treatment and distribution of their water to be efficient, safe and of high quality.

Consequently, water utility companies must be highly skilled and have both the technical expertise and the network capacity required to deliver this service.

NIRAS strives to ensure that the final product reflects public demand, meets regulatory criteria and fulfils clients' requirements for durable and sustainable water supply infrastructures. We have proven experience in providing advice on the most technically appropriate technologies and research-based, state of the art solutions. We provide consultancy on well sites, preliminary investigations and drilling, construction and rehabilitation of water works and distribution systems.

Services also include advanced water network modelling combined with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), creating a real time operational management system for urban water companies. This operational management system provides water utilities with an excellent overview as well as full control via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Other benefits include proactive on-line operation, improved customer care, pressure management, reducing leakage, access to critical information and key performance indicators (KPIs) and contingency management, i.e. incident and risk reduction.

Clients for water supply management services include private enterprises and industries, water utilities, municipalities and international development aid agencies.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies for water supply infrastructure on technical, social, financial and environmental aspects
  • Application of water balance and groundwater occurrence models
  • Chemical assessment of water quality from various sources for drinking water purposes
  • Design, tendering and supervision of construction and commissioning of water supply systems
  • Renovation and optimisation of large waterworks
  • Network modelling and renovation planning for distribution systems
  • Water network computer modelling of water pipeline networks combined with SCADA, providing real time information on operational conditions
  • Demand management strategy formulation
  • Planning, design and implementation of strategies for reducing non-revenue water
  • Development of investment strategies for future expansion requirements
  • Environmental legislation and regulative frameworks.
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