Water and Flooding

Adaptation through Water Management

Cloud bursts, flooded streets, overflowing sewers and water in basements. The UK is getting more water from above than we have been used to and extremes in rainfall are getting more frequent and more intense.

But rainwater is not just something to drain off in the sewage system. It is a resource that can be used to improve nature and the experiences of the people. In NIRAS we see the increased volumes of water as an opportunity rather than a limitation - and we know that climate change requires us to think and work across authorities, utilities and traditional disciplinary boundaries. We work with water to capture the benefits and design out or minimise the risks of flooding and other impacts.


NIRAS' climate project Sillebro Adal included in "The Rain is Coming" Exhibition

Sillebro Adal
NIRAS' project Sillebro Adal features at The Rain is Coming Exhibition

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