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NIRAS has over 20 years of experience in computational fluid dynamics modelling of pipes, channels, rivers and reservoirs. Models range from one, two and three dimensional models of water level and current to long term wave simulations based on wind fields for the production of coherent metocean data.

Continuous high-resolution metocean data is essential for the design, planning and operation of harbours, offshore wind farms and marine structure.

Our in-house toolbox consists of MIKE11, MIKE12, MIKE21 and MIKE3 and a range of sub models. When preparing data and analyses, we use additional software, such as Matlab, Mathcad, Excel and Delphi to generate boundary data and statistical evaluation.

The following are typical types of assignment:

  • Channel flow with respect to discharge capacity, flooding, sediment transport and water quality.
  • Coastal and river projects related to river capacity, current speed, flooding, river sedimentation, longshore sediment transport, waves and wind for the optimisation of navigations issues, harbour design, wave agitation, river training, sediment flushing, flooding etc.
  • Two and three dimensional flows in reservoirs for the estimation of sediment spill in time and space connection with dredging.
  • Long term wave data for the estimation of extreme waves and longshore sediment transport as input to design and environmental impact assessments.
  • Long term metocean data relating to wind farms for the optimisation of installation setups, operation and design. e.g number and orientation of boat landing, foundation design, installation setup simulation etc.

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Tim NormanManaging DirectorCambridgeT: +44 1223 803750E: Send E-mail
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