NIRAS offers design consultancy from the early conceptual phase to the final detailed design. We have extensive experience in choosing the best foundation type for a specific site and are fully up to date of well proven and innovative solutions. Our design approach uses in-house software which has been developed and tested on a range of projects through the years.

Structural design

NIRAS offers conceptual and detailed design of:

  • Gravity based concrete foundations for wind turbines
  • Steel monopile foundations for wind turbines and metrological masts
  • Foundation structures and layout planning of transformer stations
  • Metrological masts including consultancy of appropriated measuring equipment
  • Jacket foundations for wind turbines in collaboration with selected associates
  • Secondary structures

Seabed design

In addition to the geotechnical design we also conduct the seabed design. For the gravity based foundation structure NIRAS optimise the foundation depth, the amount of sub-soil to be excavated and the type of stone bed base used for the foundation.

Sea-bed design requires focus on:

  • Seabed mobility e.g. taking sand waves into account 
  • Scour protection for preventing uncontrolled stability failure of the foundation structure and for protection of cables
  • The minimisation of offshore works and optimisation of the construction quantities

Innovative projects

NIRAS has participated in several development projects concerned with optimising existing design and developing new structure types. The following projects can be highlighted:

  • A new concept for pre-stressed concrete foundation in which both pre- and post-tension is used to achieve highly reduced crack size and thereby reduce maintenance costs. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Danish company SPAENCOM
  • In connection with the Carbon Trust project NIRAS introduced a damping system in order to increase the fatigue life of steel monopiles
  • A Research and Development project was conducted in relation to the development of the design of the suction buckets used for foundations

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