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NIRAS has a demonstrable wealth of experience in ornithological analyses and assessment. We continually apply the lessons learned in undertaking specific assignments in order to improve and customise our service, making NIRAS uniquely well-qualified for the preparation of ornithological EIA chapters.

NIRAS recognises that the preparation of succinct ornithological chapters that meet the requirements of EIA is facilitated by the proficiency of our team in the collation, analysis and interpretation of ornithological data (offshore, intertidal and terrestrial). Our ornithologists have significant experience in determining effects and impacts upon bird populations at various spatial and temporal scales. This includes assessment of disturbance, collision risk modelling (CRM), displacement, migration, barrier effects and habitat suitability.

In carrying out such assessment much familiarity has been gained with the application of widely accepted best practice tools for the quantification of impacts, for example CRM and the latest guidance from the statutory consultees.

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