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NIRAS is a company based on strong values and we use the following three statements to communicate these values: We listen – We learn - We deliver.

They are essential to us in our work within the organisation and form the basis for our customers' perception of us as a reliable, challenging and qualified partner and advisor.

These values express our professional ambitions honestly, unpretentiously and seriously and permeate our entire attitude and approach to our activities and our customers. In short, these values are the common denominator of the way in which we work, think and act at NIRAS.

We listen implies that we begin with our customers' needs and make an effort to identify the customer's specific problems, challenges and visions. We strive to understand the whole package, which includes both the project itself and its solutions.

We learn means that we are open in our approach and always remain in close dialogue with the customer. We do not simply provide off-the-peg solutions. We constantly attempt to improve and develop better methods, tools and technical solutions.

We deliver means that we strive to create workable solutions, for delivery on time and at the agreed price. Our solutions are not merely efficient; they provide our customers with the best possible value. This means that we make a conscious assessment of the technical potential within a broad context, evaluating the project in its entirety, as well as its sustainability and its interaction with its surroundings.

"We are passionate about creating sustainable solutions"

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